torsdag den 21. marts 2013

Hiking in Korea - Went to Suraksan

Since South Korea is well populated with mountains, it is only natural that people would be hiking, but for some reason it just seems like Koreans are way more into it compared to other nations. Living in Seoul, hiking is a great way to get away from the busy and crowded city life and come out to experience the nature, and this, Koreans certainly take advantage of!

If someone goes to the subway during a weekend (preferably Sunday morning) and takes a train towards some of the more popular hiking spots near/in Seoul, you will be surprised of how many people one is actually talking about. Hoping to actually get some good pictures of it myself soon, with spring right on the doorstep and everything!

Unlike the casual foreigner, hiking in shorts and t-shirt, Koreans will ALWAYS be prepped for ANYTHING that may (read: will never) occur! Be it a sudden snow storm or a sudden change of the mountain hight due to immediate (impossible) geological activity, Koreans will often times be wearing gear as if they were climbing +4000m mountains in minus C, even though the highest mountain is no more than 2000m ish, and temperatures rarely ever gets lower than -10 during winter. Exaggeration promotes understanding.

Seriously though, Koreans do really like their hiking, and they do a lot to show it by having a lot of nice gear for hiking, and sometimes (during winter especially) it seems like it is pretty comfortable, but still a bit overrated in my opinion.

So following the Koreans, we also went out hiking.

Nice sunny weather the on ground, but on the top it was snowing and about 2 degrees.

It perhaps looks a bit easier than it is, but walking up 45+ angle and with only robe to hold on to with a slippery terrain was pretty wild.

Will get better at this blogging thing from now on!

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