lørdag den 6. oktober 2012

SK Globl House - Guided tour to room #142!

SK Global House:

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please. You have chosen to attend the 24 hour guided tour at SK Global House, and will be briefed shortly after this. The guided tour primarily focuses on the trip from the entrance of the dormitory to Room #142, but will also cover some of the amazing and outstanding features his lovely and idyllic place has to offer. You must know that refunds are not an option after receiving your ID-card, and that a 100 point penalty system is in place of any of you breaking the rules. Please continue to your briefing.

We start out with some basic rules, just to establish a baseline that makes everyone comfortable. Breaking the following rules can have grave consequences, and may resort in termination of occupation (you will escorted away from the tour).

  1. Breaking the law - theft, violent behavior, use or distribution of illicit drugs
    Termination of occupancy.
  2. Tresspassing, duplicating/transferring ID-cards, allowing non-residents to stay overnight
    Termination of occupancy.
  3. Entering other genders floor or building (after 10 pm) or visiting rooms of the opposite sex
    Termination of occupancy
  4. Rejection and dishonest recording of passing
    Termination of occupancy
  5. Loss of ID-card
    Minus 10
  6. Staying out overnight without permission
    Minus 10 points
  7. Excessively staying out overnight
    Termination of occupancy
  8. Drinking in SK Global House
    Minus 50 points ~ Termination of occupancy
  9. Inappropriate behavior after drinking
    Minus 50 points ~ Termination of occupancy
  10. Smoking, cooking (except in the guest room or downstairs kitchen) and prohibited electrical appliances
    Minus 50 points ~ Termination of occupancy
  11. Damage to in-house facilities
    Termination of occupancy - NO RE-ADMISSION
  12. Failure to clean before checking out
  13. General uncleanliness, decorations and painting the room
    Minus 20 points
  14. Not distributing trash properly or abandoning trash
    Minus 20 points
  15. Failure of payment before deadline or submitting false personal information
    Minus 30 points
  16. Attempting suicide, murder, blackmailing or disobeying
    Termination of occupancy - NO RE-ADMISSION
  17. Viewing pornography publicly, raising pets, singing loudly and selling of merchandise - conspiracy
    Minus 50 points ~ Termination of occupancy
With this established, please take your ID-card at the desk and wait in a line at the entrance.

Dear visitors! You are know familiar with the rules in this facility and may proceed to the elevators.

As you can see we are now standing with the elevators. Down the hall we have the washing rooms, gym and computer room. We will take a closer look at that once we get back. For now I would like you to go through the blue door, take the stairs to the first floor. Since we are way to many to use the elevators, I will take a group with me in the elevator and meet you upstairs.

I hope you did not sneak off to any of the other floors on your way here, we have video surveillance on every floor.

As you know this is first floor, and like all th other floors it has a "guest room" when having guests over, or if someone would like to watch some TV and relax. Korean television off course. This room can be found at the end of the hall to the right.

As you can see you have plenty of room and fantastic facilities if a friend should stop by. A computer for browsing or checking your e-mail, a nice television with numerous Korean channels, a shared refrigerator with the other 150+ people on the floor, and a mini-kitchen, all for public use.

Now please turn around everyone and continue down the hall towards room #142.

Please, take a look inside. After all, this is why you are here.

Here you have it, a perfect example of how you will be living for the next 24 hours. You will be split in pairs and live under these conditions with no exceptions.
Please keep quiet everyone, remember that other people are living here as well. It would be a shame if we would have to give you penalty points already. You can take turns to look at the room, and I will meet you downstairs at the elevators (B2) in 5 minutes.

Hello again everyone, or should I say almost everyone. That will be our first penalty points distributed today.

I case you would need more than one computer for, which I highly doubt, then you can either go in to the study room located right across from the guest room, which I purposely missed since the students living here do not like being photographed, or go to the computer room.

If you continue down the hall and look to the right you will see it right before we reach the laundry rooms.

Please continue forward to the laundry rooms.

Should you feel like exercising you are free you use the gym at any point in time except from 01:00 to 02:00 pm due to cleaning. One thing that you should be aware of is that if spit on the floor in the gym, it will have grave consequences. Luckily we have made it such that you will not forget.

Now everyone! Follow me to the Lobby. I thought that you might be hungry after all this walking around, so we will end the tour in the basement at the stores, and afterwards you can go to your rooms.

Since everyone is now gathered, please proceed from the desk, to the right and you will be finding yourself in the "eating"-basement.

I will be leaving for now,  have a nice day everyone! 

* Guess my side in the room, it has a big tell, maybe even two.